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Rev. Bob Larson is the world’s foremost expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena. He has spoken in more than 90 countries and has appeared on TV shows such as Oprah, Donahue, Montel, Sally Jessie, CNBC, Larry King Live, The O'Reilly Factor, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, ABC-TV’s Good Morning America, The History Channel, A Current Affair, Politically Incorrect, Dan Abrams/MSNBC, CNN Headline News, Hannity & Colmes, Geraldo at Large, and Dr. Phil. Several television networks have produced documentaries about his work, including The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel (TLC), the A&E Channel (twice) , the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), National Geographic, and MSNBC. Bob has been featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times, in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other major newspapers.

Bob has written 30 books, translated into more than a dozen languages. His books include four best-selling novels, Dead Air, Abaddon and The Senator's Agenda, and Shock Talk. His 500-page handbook, Larson’s Book of Spiritual Warfare is an encyclopedic reference about demons, the devil, and deliverance and represents a lifetime of research and experience. His 500-page classic work Larson’s Book of Cults is a standard reference encyclopedia at many colleges and seminaries. Larson’s Book of World Religions and Alternative Spirituality is a 575-page survey of cults and major religious movements. Other books include: Straight Answers on the New Age, Satanism: the Seduction of America's Youth, In the Name of Satan, UFOs and the Alien Agenda and Extreme Evil: Kids Killing Kids.

For 20 years, Bob hosted a nationally syndicated radio talk show, “TALK-BACK with Bob Larson,” which was heard coast-to-coast across the U.S. and Canada. The two-hour program, broadcast weekdays live-by-satellite, featured tough topics others wouldn't touch. Bob’s incisive views on current events were enhanced by a format of live callers and riveting guests. Bob now produces for podcast, available on iTunes or at www.boblarson.org , a daily, 5 minute commentary called, “Spiritual Freedom Perspective.”

Bob and his wife Laura currently host a weekly Christian television series, "Bob Larson Presents: Spiritual Freedom." This program is telecast worldwide on the Internet and on The Miracle Channel.

Reality Television
Bob’s latest effort in television is “The Real Exorcist,” a reality TV show in which he stars as a real-life exorcist. The show showcases his spiritual quest to battle the devil around the world. Originally commissioned by the UK’s Virgin Media, and shot by Pilgrim Films, “The Real Exorcist” features two dramatic exorcism episodes per each one-hour show. It premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel Fall 2008. “The Real Exorcist” series follows Rev. Bob and his team on their quest to save people from their possessions. In some cases, the possession has existed since the victims were children, resulting from very dark and traumatic experiences. In other cases the initial possession will be more difficult to identify as seemingly healthy, normal people have changed personality in a very short time span. In either case, the transformation is horrific and incredibly painful for the person who has been possessed. “The Real Exorcist” is gripping and shocking television – you will be glued to the screen, not wanting to miss a thing! Whether you are a true believer or a skeptic, it is indisputable that what Reverend Larson does has a tremendous impact on the people whom he exorcises.

Spiritual Freedom Seminars
Bob draws upon his more than 30 years of experience investigating the occult to reveal how evil influences people's lives. Unlike the Hollywood version of the occult, Bob’s conferences and seminars feature the supernatural center-stage without smoke and mirrors! He teaches his audiences about the many ways that evil attacks human beings. “The devil traffics in human suffering,” Bob explains, “and we take people to the ‘point of the pain’ to discover where their souls have been scarred, allowing Satan to torment them. Exorcism is often part of the healing process that follows.”

Do What Jesus Did Teams
God has given Bob Larson a vision to raise up Do What Jesus Did (DWJD) Spiritual Freedom Teams to fulfill the mission of Christ and “preach the Gospel, heal the brokenhearted, and set the captives free” (Luke 4:18). DWJD teams have been established in more than 100 cities worldwide, and new teams are forming every week. These emotional healing and deliverance teams are comprised of lay people who volunteer their time to bring hope to the desperate victims of abuse and spiritual bondage. Teams are also being planted in many foreign countries, including Canada, the Carribean, England, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Europe and Eastern Europe.

Personal Coaching
Bob has developed a one-on-one, 12-step program of spiritual discovery and development which he teaches on an individual basis. These sessions consist of a weekly, 30-minute personal phone call from Bob. He also offers special full-day and half-day Intervention Intensive sessions for those needing urgent, personal assistance. For the business community, he presents a specially adapted 7-step Take Your Life Back program of personal growth addressing health, habits, emotions, relationships, spirituality, vocation, and finances.

Spiritual Freedom Churches International (SFC)
Bob has founded an international fellowship of more than two dozen churches affiliated with the mission of Luke 4:18. These congregations consist of Associated Churches (those churches already in existence) and Affiliated Churches (new congregations which have grown out of DWJD teams). Rev. Larson oversees the Spiritual Freedom Church of Phoenix, Arizona. For information, go to www.spiritualfreedomchurch.org.

Personal Well-Being Center
Bob has established the Center for Spiritual Freedom in Phoenix, Arizona. This training Center holds weekly teaching sessions and special Institutes in its newly-built $1.2 million facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Center also offers integrative emotional healing and spiritual deliverance for restoration to whole-person wellness. Some of the conditions addressed are: anxiety, emotional exhaustion, anger management, rejection and abandonment issues, spiritual oppression and health challenges. The Center’s message is simple: “This is a safe place.”

“Bob Larson has honed the art of exorcism into astonishing public performance.”
Los Angeles Times, front page

“The Devil is ugly. Evil is ugly. When you get to what I call pure extreme evil, it’s not going to be pretty.”
The New York Times, quoting Bob Larson

“Larson’s all about getting right into the Devil’s face”
National Geographic TV documentary

“Men like Bob Larson are out front, battling Satan, leading the charge against an evil that appears to have so many souls in torment and looking for deliverance...The Devil meets his match in Bob Larson.”
MSNBC-TV Investigates

“Bob Larson is the man who can help fight the devil”
“The Insider” TV program

“Bob Larson is a demon slayer!”
The Learning Channel, in a documentary

“Many people are falling in step with Larson, mesmerized by his public confrontations with people who say they are possessed by devils."
CNN News

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